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It’s hard growing up in the world. Once you hit those teenage years, you’re expected to have it all figured out. And once you sort out your love life, everything goes haywire once their dad gets a new job that forces them to move across the country. Such confusion and pain is at the heart of Tommy Marz“15”, the pop singer-songwriter’s new song. Helping Tommy tell this tearful story of two heartbroken lovers is Jeff Schröder of The Smashing Pumpkins, which comes to deliver a dazzling solo worthy of any classic powerful ballad. Together, Tommy and Jeff deliver the perfect bop for your summer adventure, a vibrant track that spans the range of emotions that come with young love.

“I wanted to tell a familiar story that could resonate with a lot of people and maybe bring back some treasured memories,” Tommy shares with HollywoodLife. “’15’ is about being a teenager in love and the father of one of the teenagers who needs to uproot the family. The first inclination may be to run away, but the further you go the more you realize that this is not may not be the right answer – you just hope you both get through this, but you’ll never forget the day the other had to leave, and that last moment together.

(Integrated Jeff Schroeder; TRAVIS SHINN PHOTOGRAPHY)
(Integrated Jeff Schroeder; TRAVIS SHINN PHOTOGRAPHY)

Jeff, who is known for his work with the Pumpkins and his solo production, also shared how he came on board with the project. “Hearing ’15’ for the first time, I knew it was a song I wanted to be involved in,” Jeff said. “Tommy has a magical way of translating human experiences into the frame of a catchy pop song. I was honored that he gave me the artistic freedom to play both a melodic yet high-energy solo on the track. .

The partnership sees two prominent Korean Americans come together for a rock pop song that is sure to fill the airwaves this summer. The two have worked in the past, co-producing and starring on the virtual benefit show “For The Crew.” The event raised funds for the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.

“15” also sees the production of electropointa Billboard chart-topping producer. The song marks the third single from Tommy’s upcoming EP. Marz’s previous releases were his cover of Harry Styles‘ “From the Dining Table” and “Summer Treasure”, another collaboration with Electropoint. Both charted in the iTunes Top 20 and amassed over 250,000 streams (combined) on Spotify alone.


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