A unique poetic voice


Rawalpindi: Azhar Ghouri’s collection of poetry, Ghair Mashroot Mohabbat, has its roots in existentialist blues and a sense of non-conformity to conventional morality. He is a believer in unconditional love.

An optimistic poet, devoted to his social and political responsibilities, his inspiration comes from a new point of view on love, closeness to people, ingenuity of language, ambitious ideas, the desire for a better life and a changed social order.

Love tales have been an enduring theme for all poets. Poets regard love as a symbol of the bleeding wounds of the soul. However, the poet with a wealth of thought and vast poetic skills, sensitivity and passion, novelty of poetic thought and expression, campaigns for unreserved love.

Azhar Ghouri’s poetry is years ahead of its time in subject matter and the concerned tone it has adapted. He talks about the modern world, as it has existed for the last hundreds of years, capitalist and unjust. Azhar hopes for a revolution in which unconditional love can bring the world to peace and prosperity.

What fascinates me the most, personally, is its ability to show its readers the potential inherent in the language itself. His poems generally use unassuming diction devoid of any ambiguity. The clarity of his voice strikes the reader like a roll of thunder. His contempt for institutions, literary, cultural or the state, has its mark on many pages of his work. He possesses an uncanny ability to penetrate the depths of human life with shrewd sensitivity. He would come out of it surprisingly calm, ready to talk about it elegantly.

The sharpness of his tone, especially his pieces on various subjects, is full of aplomb and candor. Unlike many poets, no other imposing figure impresses him. He writes as freely as he always wanted.

Ghair Mashroot Mohabbat seems to contain various forms of poetry, rhyming and free verse, prose poems, Ghazals, Nazms saturated with feelings, emotions and haunting memories. Melancholy love-bitten poetry is not the poet’s target.

Her scintillating ability to weave heavier themes with her bubbly wisdom is quite evident. The collection appears as a dazzling kaleidoscope of our time. The poems address issues relevant to our local and global contexts with an exceptional blend of romance and reality.

In this volume of poetry, Azhar Ghouri has extended his poetic shadow over all subjects and he has accomplished the task wonderfully. His free verse and prose poems are the defining poetic invention of modernity. Ghair Mashroot Mohabbat shows the stature of the prose poem. With a unique poetic voice, Azhar Ghouri’s style sets him apart from his predecessors and contemporaries. Despite his familiarity with poetic traditions, his poems were always free from the syrupy, overemotional language of the discouraged romantic.


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