Aaron Watson pauses in music citing vocal cord tension


BIG COUNTRY, Texas (BigCountryHomepage.com) – Texas country music singer Aaron Watson will be on hiatus from music for a while. The strain on his vocal cords kept the musician away from touring his latest album, “Red Bandana.”

Watson posted a vlog-style explainer video on his Facebook page last week, where he explained why he had to take a break.

“Before my Billy Bob’s show a few weeks ago, I was really struggling to sing,” Watson explained in a loud, whispery voice. “But I did what I had always done…And I just walked through.”

The singer-songwriter said he was in “excruciating pain” after his show in Fort Worth on April 16 and saw a doctor soon after.

Aaron Watson, singer-songwriter and Abilene Christian University alumnus, will headline a concert at ACU on Nov. 7 as the premier Christmas event around the world, a celebration of two weeks sponsored by the Student Government Association and the International Students Association.

“He looked at my throat and he was like, ‘Man, you probably gotta take this weekend off,'” Watson said. “He’s like, ‘this is how you can damage your vocal cords more – if you don’t take it easy.'”

Watson said he took some time to shut up and drink hot liquids with honey, but felt better and therefore felt good enough to play his next show in Arkansas. While that show supposedly did well, his next show in Denver, Colorado did not.

“We had a sold-out show at the grizzly pink, and right in the middle of the show… My voice just grabbed me,” Watson explained. “Trying to sing was like swallowing a drink; I couldn’t sing loudly or hit high notes. »

The country music star’s band stepped in to help Watson get through his set at the Grizzly Rose.

“The boys in the band sang the choruses,” Watson said. “I was whispering through the choruses a bit and it was painful.”

Watson said he had to cancel his upcoming show in Border, Colorado, which particularly affected him.

“You know, I’m a beggar boy, Border isn’t far from where I grew up, so I hated bailing out my hometown, friends and family,” Watson whispered.

After her show in Denver, Watson said she saw a specialist Monday in Dallas. In the video, Watson told his fans that the specialist was worried, but the surgery was off the books, just some much-needed time off.

“This is the first time in my career that I’ve canceled shows because of my voice. You know, I just plow through it,” Watson continued. “I hate to put up with bad news, but I won’t be playing my show at Pewter or Christoval next week.”

The singer said his upcoming out-of-state shows over the next few weeks will also be canceled while he heals.

Ending on a humorous note, “the thing the doctor told me to do, which is going to be a struggle, is he told me I can’t yell at my kids,” said laughed Watson. “So keep me in your prayers.”

Watson said he and his team will be working on rescheduling shows and hopes to be on tour again soon.


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