AR Rahman’s songs are a musical treat for the ears, find out why

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AR Rahman, the versatile composer, singer and musical genius doesn’t create popular music one season and then forget about the next. His compositions have a unique vibe that is hard to forget once heard. Rahman’s contribution to music is a blessing to the ears, as his sound is unlike anything created by other musical directors. So whether you don’t know his music or haven’t heard any of his songs in a while, we’ve compiled a list of his top songs for you.


Most people remember “Lukka Chuppi” for his aching voice, the title track for its broad appeal, and “Roobaro” among others from the album Rang De Basanti. The star of the album, however, is “Khalbali”. This song doesn’t have a single repetitive or monotonous moment, demonstrating Rahman’s sonic mastery and great ability to layer instrumentals.

Ae Ajnabi

Given the popularity of the Dil Se soundtrack, it’s unlikely you haven’t heard this song, but we’ll highlight it anyway because it’s a song no one wants to miss once it starts playing. player. Is there anything like hearing Udit Narayan sing “Woh hai kahaan, kahaan” and getting goosebumps?

Mahi Ve

Rahman’s voice in this song makes it even more wonderful, as if the lyrics of a lost love that still lingers weren’t enough to strike a chord with us. This song is less about the technical and more about the soul. It is the musical representation of a tearful smile.


The true spectrum of sound in a typical Rahman song is realized when the beat-boxing turns into a bass drop at 2:38, leading into a violin-led section. Will.I.Am used elements of this track in his song “It’s My Birthday”.

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