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Who doesn’t remember singing the popular song “Boohey Baariyan” or hearing it play in the background at every wedding you attended? Hadiqa Kiani’s soothing voice and girl-next-door looks won us all over instantly. Indeed, its versatility is unmatched. From pop-rock hits to folk classics, she does it all with an unfamiliar ease and grace. Earlier in 2021, Kiani also made her TV acting debut to great acclaim with the hit series “Raqeeb Se”. She can currently be seen showing off her acting skills in the popular drama series “Dobara”.

Tamgha-e-Imtiaz recipient and accomplished woman in the music industry, Hadiqa Kiani is embarking on a new musical journey with the release of her latest musical album, “Vasl”. Much like her brave choices in these soap opera dramas, the artist is equally brave when it comes to her music.

With this album, the singer explores the roots of her music, reproducing her original compositions from the start of her career for the next generation of Pakistani listeners. The organic oriental structure of the album aims to create an atmosphere of ease, comfort and peace. “I’m going back to my roots.” she says speaking of the album. She took to Instagram to share a stunning album cover-worthy photo – hinting at a mix of modern and traditional music in her collection. Showcasing her brilliant versatility and melodious voice, Kiani released the first single titled “Humsafar” from the music album. Composed and produced by Kiani herself, the poetry for the first song is written by Khawar Kiani with musical arrangement by Hassan Badshah.

Visually captured by talented director Abdullah Haris in the scenic hill station of Murree, the music video explores the region’s stunning surroundings. Kiani’s wardrobe was designed by Yousuf Bashir Qureshi, recognized as the pioneer of the utilitarian avant-garde. Each Yousuf Bashir Qureshi track, like each song on the album, contains an individual narrative. The perfect complement to the raw connection that ‘Vasl’ ballads aim to create.

The music video for “Humsafar” can be viewed on YouTube, which has already garnered almost a million views, considering it a hit song.

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