ECR GM Congratulates Employees at 65th Annual Rail Awards



The sixty-fifth annual national rail awards ceremony was held on Friday at the Vaishali Auditorium at the East Central Railway Headquarters in Hajipur. The function was inaugurated by the general manager. Anupam Sharma turning on the lamp. The senior chief personnel officer, JKP Singh, as well as senior officials from headquarters and all divisions and railway personnel were present for the occasion. The President of the Central East Railways Women’s Welfare Organization, Bharti Sharma, and other members of the organization were also present.

Sharma in her welcoming speech said that eight officers / employees have been selected to be honored at the Minister of Railways level. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 65th National Rail Week Awards Ceremony could not be held. The Railway Commission has now decided that the railway workers selected for the 65th National Rail Week Award should be honored regionally.

“ECR has made a special contribution to the unimaginable development journey of Indian railways. This golden age is the result of our joint efforts. Indian railways have become the lifeline of the country today. Providing accessible, easy and safe means of transport in a large and extremely dense country like India is a challenge in itself. Facing this challenge well, Indian Railways has made an important contribution by helping the country progress in any way possible to achieve its social and economic goals. The increase in popularity and importance of Indian railways is only possible through the discipline, dedication and service spirit of our efficient and conscientious railway workers, ”he said.

“All of our accomplishments are the result of the hard work, dedication and efficiency of all railway workers. Over time, new changes and challenges keep appearing. But each new challenge brings with it new possibilities. We are confident that all railway workers will continue to make an excellent contribution in the area of ​​railway productivity while successfully facing the challenges of the future, ”added Sharma.

The Director General of ECR ​​added: “We have obtained the full cooperation of recognized unions and associations and together we will be able to move forward on the path of gradual progress in the coming days. We also got the full support of voluntary organizations such as Bharat Scout Guide, East Central Railway Women’s Welfare Organization. Describing the role of railway unions and associations as important in the functioning of the railways, the General Manager said that we are all moving side by side, maintaining the attitude of working with a positive attitude.

Senior Chief Personnel Officer JKP Singh, welcoming all railroad workers and railroad officers, described it as a very important day for the railway workers. On this occasion, a welcoming hymn, folk songs, soul dance etc. were presented by the artists of the ECR.

On this occasion, the divisional director of the railways of the Sonpur division, Nilamani, the head office and senior officials of the five divisions, the members of the Organization for the Welfare of Women, the leaders and the members of the recognized ECR unions and a large number of railway workers and their family members were present.



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