Edinburgh Football Club apologizes after The Sash was played during the stadium on the open house



Scottish football club apologized after The belt was played over a public address system during a stadium open house for fans.

Hearts FC issued a statement saying loyalist song “has no place” at Tynecastle Stadium in Edinburgh.

The club had opened its doors to fans, allowing them to tour the stadium as part of the ‘Foundation of Hearts’ event to celebrate the club’s unique position as the largest fan-owned team in the UK.

Pictures of The belt played on the pitch was shared on social media, and a club spokesperson said his apologies were addressed both to those in the stadium and to those who had seen him online.

The folk song, the full title of which is The belt that my father wore is one of the most popular songs played by flute groups during the Orange Order parades.

Scottish clubs have come under pressure to root out bigotry from football in recent years, especially top sides Glasgow, Celtic and Rangers.

The Hearts spokesperson said on Sunday: “During the day’s festivities, an incident occurred in which a song was played over the sound system.

“The song in question has no connection with Hearts and has no place in Tynecastle.

“As soon as the club was informed of the problem, the public address system was turned off, the incident was investigated and concluded quickly.

Club officials at the time apologized to those inside the stadium who brought the matter to their attention. The club would now like to extend the apology further to our wider fan base after videos of the incident were shared on social media. “



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