International pop singer Alex Musicci to release captivating singles this fall



The prolific pop singer-songwriter Alex Musicci drops music with strong and romantic lyricism. The rising singer is known for his engaging performance and outstanding music video.

Alex Musicci, a multi-talented international pop singer and entrepreneur, is unveiling new singles this fall. The upcoming singles feature significant lyricism from his own experience, mixed with enriching Afro-pop musical compositions and dance-hall undertones. “I’m happy to announce some great new singles this fall. These singles will amaze my listeners around the world, and I hope you enjoy these long awaited songs. Said Alex Musicci, an artist with a distinctive voice and electrifying performance.

Alex Musicci is a rising pop musician and entrepreneur of a fashion brand called Musicci. He is currently based in New York, USA. Alex Musicci has released numerous hit singles and albums on digital music streaming platforms around the world. Alex Musicci’s slow beat mixes with romantic afro-pop lyricism to create a calming atmosphere, as seen on his 2021 track titled “Make You Feel” and other songs from the 2018 album titled “Make Love. and Dance (MLD) “. The album “Make Love and Dance (MLD)” is Alex Musicci’s debut album, released in 2018. The album consists of fifteen songs with engaging beats and makes everyone lively and enthralled.

In addition to writing and performing songs, Alex Musicci is also the CEO of an iconic fashion brand called Musicci. Musicci is a fashion brand based in New York, United States. They offer a wide range of exclusive and luxury fashion products such as women’s and men’s clothing, luxury shoes and sneakers, personalized accessories and skin care products. Moreover, the fashion brand Musicci strives to be the best solution for duplicate designs and boring fashion these days. Alex Musicci and the Musicci design team have prioritized the taste and exclusivity of the products to compete with big brands such as YSL, Gucci, Tom Ford and many more.

About Alex Musicci

Alex Musicci is an American singer-songwriter and entrepreneur based in New York, USA. He has released five outstanding singles and one album to date. He will be releasing more masterpiece songs this fall and certainly with strong lyricism and unbeatable musical composition. Other than that, Alex Musicci is a genius artist and entrepreneur. He created an ultimate fashion brand focused on clothing, shoes, sneakers, accessories and skin care products for women and men.

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