Michelle Rasky debuts genre breakthrough in Groovy “Dancing on My Own”



With expertly followed instrumentals merging with synthesizers precisely programmed to meet in the dark, award-winning Canadian artist Michelle Rasky’s new single creates a substantial electro dance-pop single in “Dancing on My Own” – available now .

Folk Music Ontario Songwriter of the Year’s latest album explores how Rasky finds solace in her musical compositions in the same way she has found solace in dance, especially throughout recent series of unforeseen global events.

“One of the things that has helped me feel positive and grounded over the past year has been playing music and dancing on my own,” shares the multi-talented artist from Ontario. . “Getting lost in song and movement can be so uplifting… It’s that beautiful form of self-expression and a way of being present –– of enjoying the feeling of being alive and connected.

“I really wanted to bring that kind of energy into this song.”

Listening to “Dancing on My Own” sums up that feeling in a truly profound way, reflecting her dazzling skills as a singer / songwriter.

With an array of talent at her disposal – from multi-instrumental abilities to her production experience – Michelle Rasky has embarked on a lifelong journey with music; “I grew up in a musical household and started playing the piano at the age of three,” Rasky recalls. “I have always been passionate about a wide variety of music, and I think my love and respect for so many different artists continue to shape my approach to writing and producing.”

Along the way, the Toronto-born artist has found a knack for mixing genres to create her unique organic-hybrid pop sound that fans have come to know and love.

While her early works are inspired by Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell and other artists of the same genre, she reveals that she recently took a trip …

While Rasky has long developed his sound since his first appearance on the stage, his new venture into the electro-pop dance scene seems refined and competent. Focused on expanding her musical exploration, the dynamic artist turned to the incorporation of ambient textures, synthesizers and programmed rhythms, ultimately finding a way to merge her deep love of electronic music into her vast field. of work.

Rasky recorded “Dancing on My Own” in his house, taking the unique production to another level of heart and soul. Taking care of vocals, instrumentation and production, this guitar and piano enthusiast has concocted a single with a strong electronic tendency on which the masses can dance.

Emanating from a sense of lifelong practice, Rasky aimed for this release to speak about the joy and connection that humans are able to find through dance.

“Basically I wanted to do something that made me want to dance and that hopefully would inspire others to dance too! “

Whether they decide to play on a loop with a partner or to stay true to the title of the song, it’s up to them; it’s fair to say that, anyway, the good times are there for everyone’s enjoyment.

“Dancing on My Own” is available now.

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