Music critic calls BTS V’s K-pop presence “stronger than anyone”



The individual stage presence of BTS V, aka Kim Taehyung, was called “stronger than anyone” in K-pop by music critic Jung Min-Jae in a recent issue of “Cultura” magazine. The reviewer also praised V’s rich vocal tone, a rarity in K-pop.

V of BTS has proven time and time again how their individual impact can break world records. Kim Taehyung’s un-promoted OST “Sweet Night” broke Adele’s No.1 iTunes record, while also becoming the most-streamed K-drama OST on Spotify. It shows its incredible impact.

Jung Min Jae, in a recent issue of BTS-based ‘Cultura’ magazine, pointed out the limitless charms of the ‘Blue and Gray’ maker that have created his own genre in K-pop.

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Music Critic Says BTS V’s Rich Sound “Rare” In K-Pop, Talks About Its Individual Stage Presence

In a recent issue of “Cultura” magazine, music critic Jung Min Jae spoke at length about the rare voices of BTS V that set him apart, not only in BTS, but throughout K-pop, as his “rare” sound.

The feature film speaks at length about the exceptional presence of BTS V on stage. “The BTS V is a great eye-catcher. It’s been like that since its inception. At the start of his career, even though he was covered by members with basic skills and personality, V’s individual presence was stronger than anyone, ”he explained.

The feature adds, “V had a rare tone not only within BTS, but also throughout K-pop idol history. This is a medium to low tone commonly referred to as “cave voice”. The unexpected deep and harsh sound was known as its unexpected charm and stalled its popularity.

More and more newbie idols mention V as a role model, proving his influence as an “idol of idols”

Kim Taehyung has been a role model for over 50 debutant K-pop idols and the list just keeps growing. Recently, Enhypen lead rapper and lead dancer Jay appointed Kim Taehyung as the idol with whom he would like to be close.

Earlier in an interview with Elle Japan, “Jay gushed, I want to continue to enjoy my job and be as cool and important an adult as my model, V from BTS.”

Other idols like Cravity’s Jungmo have already called the “Winter Bear” crooner a “ray of light” in his life. The rising 21-year-old K-pop star confessed, “V-sunbaenim was the only ray of light in my regular school days. I became ARMY in my first year of high school… ”

From music reviews to budding idols, it’s clear that BTS V’s influence in K-pop as well as the global music charts is only increasing.

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