Mutare improves voice traffic filter to eliminate voice network security threats


Five layers of protection against nefarious vishing and unwanted spam calls

CHICAGO, June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mutare, Inc.., a leading innovator of enterprise solutions reinventing the way businesses communicate securely, today released several new features for the Mutare voice traffic filter to stop threats to voice networks at the network edge. These updates create five distinct layers of voice network protection that provide unprecedented control over the security and integrity of voice traffic entering and leaving an organization.

Nine percent of all calls received by businesses are spam, with four percent related to malicious traffic, according to Mutare analysis of company-wide call data. Most organizations are unaware of the levels of unwanted voice traffic and associated cyber threats to business security and staff productivity. To address this, Mutare Voice Traffic Filter incorporates five overlapping layers of protections to stop these threats at the network edge and immediately prevent harmful or unwanted calls from reaching the voice network. These five layers include:

  • Proprietary dynamic database – Integrates data from global resources to identify calls as known spam, spoofing, scams or robocalls. While bad actors and unwanted callers constantly revise their call numbers and attack strategies, the proprietary dynamic database is continually updated in real time to stay ahead of new attack vectors. offensive.
  • threat radar – This multi-level system detects atypical call patterns consistent with malicious calls. Threat Radar combines analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to detect malicious calls based on unique behaviors and number patterns that fall outside of normal voice traffic activity for most organizations.
  • Custom Rules – Organizations can create their own specific lists for blocked numbers and allowed numbers, based on their unique call handling rules for certain types of numbers. These rules can be applied to govern incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Voice CAPTCHA – This extra layer of protection routes suspicious calls to quarantine for further screening. By prompting callers to enter random digits before a call is connected, Voice CAPTCHA effectively filters out bots from real human callers.
  • STIR/SHAKEN compliance analysis – Based on call data provided by carriers, the voice traffic filter can be configured to examine STIR/SHAKEN attestation scores to determine if a call is valid or spoofed.

“As vishing and social engineering attacks continue to threaten organizations’ vulnerable voice network, Mutare has developed an essential firewall to protect enterprise voice networks from dangerous intrusions of malicious calls and calls untimely,” said french chuck, Director of Growth at Mutare. “The updated Mutare voice traffic filter significantly reduces cybersecurity risks, improves network reliability, and protects employees and their performance.”

Mutare Voice Traffic Filter (Version 3.4) includes several other notable updates for threat detection, including new version Threat radar. This proprietary system uses machine learning and analytics to identify and block specific call patterns consistent with potential malicious activity, such as spike attacks, spam storms, and neighbor spoofing. Threat Radar offers extensive functionality based on three distinct components, including:

  • volume limiterwhich protects against network overload by limiting the number of concentrated calls to a specified time.
  • Storm detectorwhich recognizes when a high number of calls from similar caller IDs enter the system over a short period of time, signaling a potential “spam storm” attack.
  • dummy radarwhich recognizes when an unusual number of calls enter the system with caller IDs that closely match the internal called number, indicating a potential neighbor spoofing event.

The Mutare dashboard features a redesigned display for better visibility of spam detection activity. This view includes the breakdown numbers for Threat Radar by types of spikes detected through Volume Limiter, Storm Detector, and Tampered Radar.

Additionally, new technical controls allow administrators to customize call pattern detection settings, while governing call drop or allow actions based on certain set thresholds. These tools can also automatically route email alerts to designated users who need to be notified of suspicious events.

The Rules Manager also includes targeted actions based on caller name (CNAM), which allow users to recognize and apply actions (drop, allow, route or send to CAPTCHA) against calls from names complete, partial or missing caller ID numbers (CNAM).

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