OCEANO Releases Music Video For First New Song In Five Years, “Mass-Produced”


The Pillars of American Deathcore OCEAN have released a new song, “Mass Produced”Going through Sumerian records. The official music video for the track, directed by Tim Burton (not the famous American filmmaker), can be seen below.

OCEAN singer Adam Warren commented, “As we launch ‘Mass Produced’, it signifies a new chapter for OCEAN. i am very excited for OCEAN fans around the world to enjoy this song and video.

“To all the diehards who connect with this band, thank you for your enthusiasm. We have so much more to share with you on this journey. I’m excited! Check our tour dates now! I’d love to see while we’re on. soon on tour, I hope!”

Fans will get to see OCEAN at angry kentucky festival next weekend as well as the “Death in My Arms” 15th Anniversary Tour with CARNIFEX, SPITE, LET SUFFER and MAGNETAR CROWN From September onwards.

OCEANThe ability to encode such transmission within the framework of tight, technical heavy music has remained a key to the band’s success since 2006. Over the years, the band has ignited a die-hard fan base. Picking up where the 2015s were critically acclaimed “Ascendants” and 2017 “Revelation” left aside, the band extends their patented deathcore punch with brutal heaviness and moments of relentless technicality and precision in “Mass Produced”.

Photo credit Nox Nohi


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