One in five small businesses struggle to get financing – Catina The Broker helps entrepreneurs get financing. Start-up loans and ERC Daily.


Clients can get financing quickly to take their business to the next level

Business financing has become easier for small business owners and start-ups. Money is vital for any business, whether it’s a start-up or a brand that’s been around for a long time. The importance of funding cannot be overstated, and successful entrepreneurs need to find a way to fund their ambitions. Catina The Broker helps entrepreneurs earn funds and develop their business strategies to realize their business dreams. Catina has expanded its services to include business finance, start-up loans and ERC to help small businesses.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs have an ally in business. Catina The Broker can help take them to the next level. It aims to inspire individuals by sharing business strategies to help them succeed.

Catina offers three financing and personal loan options. Customers can choose same day financing, fast financing and seed financing. Catina will help customers choose the financing option that best suits their needs. Potential clients can also contact Catina The Broker to learn more about other financing options.

Funding is often the barrier to market entry. A person may have a great idea for a business or service, but be unable to start a business due to a lack of financing options. Catina works with all types of clients. A bad credit rating can prevent a bank from providing financing. However, Catina The Broker works with clients even with bad credit ratings.

Catina is not just a leading lender helping entrepreneurs succeed. She is a licensed real estate broker in Michigan specializing in investment properties. Catina also works as a Business Coach and Mentor to help entrepreneurs grow their brands through funding and online business strategies.

Catina knows the hard work and dedication of entrepreneurs in their businesses. She is an entrepreneur herself and has worked tirelessly to build a brand. Now Catina wants to help others by funding and offering business strategies.

For more information about Catina The Broker, please visit its official website.

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