Premiere: Sofia Talvik – A Memory Of Snow



Today’s tinsel offer comes from Sofia talvik with his new Christmas single ‘A Memory of Snow’. Known for her darker take on the theme, Sofia Talvik surprises us this year by not releasing any single about someone dying or about kids having their dreams stolen on Christmas. Instead, it’s a rather calming tale of lost love and memories of a snowy Copenhagen, a story that’s told in both English and Swedish. Although not entirely autobiographical, Sofia spent the winter of 1998 in Copenhagen studying art at a local college. It was indeed a snowy winter, although the rest could be anyone’s story.

This is what I love about writing my Christmas songs, they are more detached from my personal life than my other songs ”, said Sofia, “I feel like I have more freedom of fable in a certain way”.

Supported by other artists Tom Marsh (Those fucking hippies, UK) choirs and sparkling piano, as well as the artist US Americana Veneer van on the violin, the piece will let your thoughts wander to traditional Irish ballads while sounding both modern and folkloric at the same time. As usual, Sofia’s clear voice of Angels takes center stage in the production, and her steady guitar playing keeps the pace moving.

A year and a half later, after the release of Paws of a Bear (reviewed here), she is back on the road in Europe and also is on a month-long Christmas tour of Germany where she will perform a variety of her own Christmas. songs, his complete original Christmas album “When winter comes”Released in 2017 and ranked in the top 5 of the US Folk Radio charts. “A Memory of Snow” will definitely be in the repertoire.

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