“Punjabi music has been popular since the beginning of cinema. There is a saying in our country.” Jatinder Shah, musician


What did you pay particular attention to when composing the music for this song?
The tunes of his music are melodious. We composed it keeping the alpha of the song in mind. Look, you should also know that there is a sound in the word itself. I also made Shreya Ghoshal sing in my films. But this is his first song in Punjabi. She herself was very happy when I told her the alphabets of the song. When we planned it, there was a lockdown. It was not possible to meet like that. Shreya Ghoshal made a studio here. Working in studio C, recording the song with her own voice, Shreya Ghoshal sent it to us. There were some corrections in it, after that I informed him, then he sang it again and sent it to us. Then we recorded the song taking all Corona precautions. Her voice in this song is highly praised in the Punjabi music world. I am also in contact with many people in Bollywood. Everyone says that Shreya Ghoshal sang very well. Prateik Babbar is also highly regarded in Punjab. Prateik Babbar’s father, Raj Babbar, has a deep and long-standing relationship with Punjab. Our Punjabi industry parallels Bollywood. The Punjabi film industry has fled from Lahore since the days of black and white cinema. Meanwhile, when Punjabi films stopped shooting, Raj Babbar ji felt sad. After leaving NSD, when his movie “Aaj Ki Awaaz” became a hit, he went to Punjab and asked Punjab filmmakers to make a movie, and they would help him. He acted in many successful Punjabi movies like ‘Chan Pardesi’, ‘Marhi Da Diva’, ‘Long The Lashkara’. As of today, people in the Punjabi film industry are very excited about Prateik Babbar. People are admirers of Prateek that he does not consider Punjabi films as different.
Why do you give more music for Punjabi albums and movies?
I composed the music for a few Hindi films, including “Second Hand Husband”, and I still composed the music for some Hindi films. In fact, each person has their own strength. So there is also good and less good. There are also bad things in me. I am a very stubborn person. I prefer to make films only as a solo musician. I must have made 115 Punjabi movies as a solo musician so far. I like to solo an entire album as a musician. Even living in Mumbai, I give music for Punjabi films.
Nowadays, Punjabi music is more popular than Hindi. Any particular reason for this?
I think Punjabi music has been popular since the beginning of cinema. There is a saying in our country – “Music is born in Rajasthan, youth is born in Punjab and old age is passed in Bengal.” You see in Bengal, every human being gets a basic education in music. In Punjab, you learn less, but being young means having a good time. When a person is born, there are so many problems in him. All children look alike. But we are lucky that Punjabi music has been popular since the sixties. Many Punjabi musicians including OP Nayyar have also dominated Bollywood. Laxmikant Pyarelal may have been from Goa, but Anand Bakshi was from Punjab, so Laxmikant Pyarelal also composed a lot of Punjabi music. But what Bollywood means is that Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bhojpuri can have all the colors.

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