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As usual for Extreme Metal bands, this album “Without Mercy” is full of variations and changes of cadence. The guitar acquires charming characteristics as it becomes thin and unpolished as all metal fans love it. i swear i thought “End at the Gallows” was a Motörhead’s “Orgasmatron” cover by its powerful and striking initial with acid voices that sometimes sound more like barking than a human voice. This kind of bark of lyrics is also a much appreciated feature.

“Without Mercy” is not as fast as one might expect. I guess, as I expected. I can’t help but expect bands fast as hell from Extreme Metal. It’s really tougher than me. Akerbeltz dose and manage the fast thing here in the album pretty well. Most songs like “Bearers of Light” having moments of speed and upbeat tempos with the kind of crazy drumming that many bands are very fond of. Here, the guitars follow the drums, which is no longer a very usual thing as it was in the glorious past. The chant maintains the speed as if it were the guardian of any sanity the band ever wishes to maintain. This kind of extreme variation in tempos and cadences as also happens with “The Extinction of All Others” takes the fan to the next level of madness. This piece is specially dedicated to this schizophrenic change of tempos and cadences. However, it lacks the haunting guitar riff following the track “Litany of the Restless” and “End at the Gallows” to have. The effect of both is a kind of incredibly hypnotized and crazy timing. On both vocals, do a great job of giving them more power and heaviness as it goes slow and hard like some kind of idealized torture to go slow and crazy. The cold vociferation in the middle of the song gives that kind of scream we sometimes get when listening to songs like this.

“Without Mercy” will be an excellent choice if the afn wants to have an extreme metal band that experiments with all kinds of tempos, cadences and percussion. Akerbeltz play with the only design of speed in music. It’s such a pleasure to know that there are still bands like him. My dear fan will go crazy for all the intricate rhythms and changes throughout this album.

Akerbeltz “Without Mercy” was released on March 31 via Productions of black seeds.

List of tracks:

  1. above the darkness
  2. Kingdom of Terror
  3. End at the gallows
  4. Rejected from the Vortex
  5. Lightbearers
  6. The extinction of all others
  7. Litany of the Restless
  8. The fall
  9. Demon Zozo

Watch the official video here:

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