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Behind the success of a song, it is not only the singer, lyricist and music composers who play the important role, but a video director also plays the major role. The video reflects the energy and feeling of the melodies and expands a video’s relativity with its crowd. In the Punjabi music industry, Tushar Kumar is one such director who has done this job very successfully.

Each of us has our own journey. Most of us try to find ways to make our dreams come true. However, some live their dreams because of the passion and willpower they possess. Tushar Kumar is one of those people who fought hard for his dreams and achieved them at a very young age. Tushar Kumar is a Canada-based Punjabi music video director and owner of Tushar Kumar Films. He started his career with behind the scenes video of popular Punjabi song Sheikh by Karan Aujla in collaboration with Rupan bal. This video of him has gone viral and has millions of views on YouTube. It was the springboard of his career. After that he started having other projects and never stopped after that.


The director also spoke to us about the challenges of the plot and, recognizing the elephant in the room, he said: “Cutting a story from two and a half hours down to two and a half minutes is a challenge. Not just for the director but for the director. actor and the whole team. You have to put together a project with the right emotions and the right feelings, within a defined period of time, and believe me, it’s a task for everyone.

So far, Tushar Kumar and his company Tushar Kumar Films have successfully delivered many hit videos in Punjabi and worked with many famous and reputable Punjabi artists such as Karan Aujla, Jassa Dhillon, Ranjt Bawa, Angrej Ali, Rupan Bal, Anisha Gulati and many more. Some of the songs he led are like Dhadak, Jatt de brober, ik din, relation etc.

The quality of his work and the conceptualization of his videos are commendable. Tushar achieved many achievements in his work at a very young age. It has won many awards and its popularity is increasing day by day. In the years 2021 and 2022, Tushar Kumar won the Best Videographer, Best Editor and Best Director awards in Ottawa.

Article first published: Wednesday, April 20, 2022, 3:41 p.m. [IST]


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