Wenatchee Church to Host Benefit Concert for Local Ukrainian Refugees | Columbia Basin


WENATCHEE – The violent conflict between Ukraine and Russia has prompted thousands of people to flee their “home” in Ukraine and resettle elsewhere, including in the United States.

Many of those besieged by the war have sought refuge in Ukrainian communities in the local area in the name of normalcy and peace. Many of these refugees left their country with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. The benefit concert at Grace Lutheran Church in Wenatchee will raise funds needed for housing, food, medical resources and clothing for those displaced by the contentious feud between the two foreign nations.

The Gladsong Choir is a collection of 35 singers performing music with a positive message that strives to have an impact beyond the mere musical experience. They specialize in pop, country, jazz and gospel melodies and enjoy the camaraderie of singing together for great causes like this. There will also be a performance by some of the Ukrainian children led by Olga Rybkov and they will sing some traditional Ukrainian folk songs.

This event is organized by Barbara Tilly and the people from the Ukrainian Refugee Welcoming Committee at Grace Lutheran Church in Wenatchee. The concert will begin at 7 p.m.

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