Why House of the Dragon reuses the main Game of Thrones theme


Composer Ramin Djawadi reveals why Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon use the same theme song in their respective opening credits.

Composer Ramin Djawadi reveals why the game of thrones title theme carried over to Dragon House. Djawadi began his work as a composer for Westeros beginning with game of thrones season 1. He continued to build on his game of thrones compositions with the HBO prequel series, Dragon House.

Episode 1 of Dragon House obviously had no opening credit sequence in the episode. Even though there was no credits, the familiar swell of music could be heard. From episode 2, Dragon House used the same opening credits theme as before. While many creatives who have worked on games of thrones are not part of Dragon House, Djawadi brought his familiar touches to the new show. As the story of House Targaryen unfolds, old themes and musical cues have been changed from their game of thrones origins to adapt to the new series.


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As Dragon House is a prequel show, viewers were expecting a new title sequence. By speaking with IGN, Djawadi explained why the theme continued. Check out his response below:

“I think it’s a good example of linking old material to new. As a franchise to just connect all of these stories together. In the original main title, we always looked at and thought of it as an overarching theme that connects all of the characters and the journey and adventures of this universe. So we thought it would be appropriate to tie it back to that main title theme.

Whereas Dragon House and game of thrones Set in two different time periods, the two shows tell different parts of a larger epic story. The music creates a line of demarcation between the two and settles viewers into a certain headspace. It is unclear if any of the future game of thrones the spin-off shows would eventually use the same theme composed by Djawadi as well.

Even with different visuals of game of thrones in the opening credits, Dragon House is closely tied to its sequel series. Although the use of the same theme music to tie the two together is somewhat new for television, it is very common in film. Kind of like the title music crawling for any star wars the movie has been changed, Dragon House would feel like something was missing without the familiar theme. Without the use of these titles, Dragon House would seem to exist in another world. Since game of thrones was first released in 2011, as the music has become synonymous with this universe. Dragon House just carrying on the tradition. In an age of television where opening credits sequences are rarely used, viewers can appreciate a classic take on a show.

Source: IGN


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